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Pagan Novels in Kindle by Laura Stamps

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I just finished Chapter 1 of my new novella-in-verse “A Faery Tale.” Gardenia thinks watching me write is exhausting. She has decided to help me out by taking many naps, since I never have the time for excessive napping. What thoughtful kitties I have!! ;-)

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Thank you for your follow!!! Your blog looks amazing and I love your beautiful cats and plants! I can't wait to read your work :)
the-road-not-taken88 asked

Hey, sweetie!

Thanks!! I’m thrilled you’re enjoying my blog. Makes my night to hear that!! I’ve been in feral cat rescue for 35 years, so I’m surrounded by precious kitties who are always wondering WHY I snap so many cute pics of them. They look at me sometimes like: “Enough already!” ~lol~

And I’m an avid gardener. Love my gardens!!

Thanks for mentioning my books! Some are in Kindle (just do a search at Amazon for “Laura Stamps”) and some are in paperback. My Kittyfeather Press Spring 2014 Newsletter just came out. If you’d like a copy of it and a current catalog of my paperback books, send me your snail mail addy (street address) in a Tumblr message and I’ll pop one in the mail to you ASAP.

Wishing you a week filled with much joy and happiness. Wonderful to hear from you!!

Laura Stamps

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Gardenia is sooooooo in love with Pea Pod. She tries to snuggle up to him whenever she can. And he’s like: “Huh?”

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"White Witch," A New Novel-in-Verse by Laura Stamps, Goes On Sale TODAY!!

(Signed and personalized by the author, hand-tinted cover, collectible paperback book, 110 pages, published by Kittyfeather Press, $13.00)

Ravena Riley is a Wiccan Witch, who successfully approaches her Pagan craft business, feral cat rescue, perimenopause, and fibroids with spellcasting, holistic healing, and herbs. But when her husband suddenly sinks into the angry depths of a midlife crisis, Ravena realizes she’ll need to conjure the greatest spells of her life to determine whether her marriage is worth saving.

“The “Ravena” section of “The Witches of Dixie” was originally a novel-in-verse called “White Witch.” This version went out of print in 2007 when I rewrote it in prose so it could be published in trade paperback by Trytium Publishing and sold in bookstores.

Now this beautiful novel is back in its original, magickal, prose poetry form. It’s packed with real spells, chants, rituals, cat care tips, and plenty of information for women about how to shrink uterine fibroids naturally. An empowering, entertaining novel for Pagans, women, and cat-lovers!

To order, send $13.00 (free shipping in the US) to: Laura Stamps, Kittyfeather Press, P. O. Box 212534-Y, Columbia, SC 29221-2534. Make check or money order payable to: Laura Stamps. Email for more information if you’d like to order with a credit card or PayPal.

An excerpt from “White Witch” by Laura Stamps (c)

*     *     *     *     * 

That uneasy day on Santee Avenue

twenty years ago stands in Ravena’s

mind as a beginning.  It happened

just before colonies of faeries,

angels, and elementals entered her

life.  Before she heard the soft call

of the Goddess, a sweet whispering,

yet a sound attracting her with such

magnetism that she could not resist.

And why would she?  Never had she

felt so loved, completely comfortable

with what the Divine Feminine and

Wicca offered.  Her soul had finally

found its home in a new life as a

solitary.  A White Witch.  Remember-

ing back to that time, Ravena smiles,

her skin scented today with mallow

flower musk, her waist-length blonde

hair naturally rippled with an unruly

wave, two or three tiny braids always

scattered throughout, threaded with

charmed ribbons decorated in runes.

*     *     *     *     *

After graduating from college in

1980, Ravena created a one-woman

business, Catnip Enchantments, to

manufacture and market catnip toys

for cats.  She grows organic catnip

in her garden, dries it in the kitchen,

and stuffs it into mice sewn from

unbleached muslin, embellished

with nontoxic vegetable dyes.  She

then charges each toy with a good

fortune spell to bless the cats of her

customers with long and healthy lives.

Ravena sells these creations through

ads in newsstand magazines, her web

site, and cat and craft shows across

South Carolina.  Last year she added

a line of sundresses for cats.  Most

people think her cats look the same,

all three white calicos sprinkled with

patches of caramel and gray, all

born within a month of each other

to three feral sisters.  But Ravena

sees distinctive differences.  The

idea for sundresses ballooned in

her mind when one began to over-

groom.  By the time Ravena narrowed

the allergens down to grains and

most meats in pet foods, the cat

had licked half the hair from its body. 

While purchasing a grain-free venison

and pea food at a specialty pet store,

she saw a selection of ruffled sun-

dresses for poodles and thought

this could be the perfect solution

for her hairless cat, one that might

discourage further licking by covering

most of the bald areas.  Ravena

knew she must design a pretty sun-

dress with ruffles and bows just for

cats.  When she added the sundress

to her product line, it became an

immediate success and blessed many

of her customers distressed by cats

over-grooming in response to allergens

in food, litter, and the environment. 

Catnip Enchantments may be small,

but it thrives as a profitable business,

one that grants her plenty of time for

hobbies like reading, flower gardening,

feral cat rescue, and spellcrafting.

*     *     *     *     *

Solid as the stones in her garden,

the fibroids appeared when Ravena

was thirty-nine.  For years they

grew rapidly like summer weeds,

until she found the key to unlock

the mystery of estrogen dominance. 

By then her uterus had bloomed to

the size of a five-month pregnancy,

and Ravena learned another trick:

how to dress in a way that hides

a fibroid bulge.  From the beginning

her gynecologist stated he didn’t

know why fibroids balloon or

how to shrink them, while singing

his favorite tune: hysterectomy. 

“That’s not an option,” she replied

each time he suggested surgery. 

Witches honor a woman’s body as

a whole and magnificent creation

from the Goddess, and any sign

of illness points to an imbalance

longing to be corrected.  In Ravena’s

case this meant too much estrogen,

and the only real cure would lie in

finding the cause of the problem.


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I’m sure you’re wondering what’s up with me this month. I’m here, I’m gone, I’m here a few days later, I’m gone again. I’ve been working like crazy on 4 books, that’s why. And this has been an exceptionally exciting week. “White Witch” has been in production all week and went to press yesterday. It’s freakin GORGEOUS!! I’m very pleased with the cover. It will go on sale by Friday, so look for an announcement about it then.

And I’m working on a new chapbook of my fictional prose poems called “A Faery Tale.” I just roughed out the first poem this morning as well as subjects for the rest of the poems, titles, and first lines. Fun!!

And I’ve also been entering the “Men” chapbook manuscript in literary competitions. And working on Chapters 13-16 of “A Vampire’s Embrace.” Whew!! So that’s it, my excuse.

~gone again~

Laura Stamps

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My marigold seedlings are happy, happy, happy, and will be ready to plant in my gardens when they reach 6 inches in height (shorter than that and the doves eat them…Eeeek!). Speaking of critters eating my gardens, I’ve decided to do something radical this year. I’m tired of the deer screens I always use. They make weekly weeding such a hassle. So I’ve decided to not use them this year. Instead I’m going to plant lots of deer-proof annuals like marigolds and zinnias. Then I’m going to see what the deer eat and what they don’t. My goal is to eventually have 3 completely deer-proof flower gardens with no screens necessary. Wish me luck!! Today I’m planting 20 more seedling pots with marigolds and zinnias. I love my seeds!!!

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Pagan Novels in Kindle by Laura Stamps

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Sweet Potato is a very handsome boy, but I’m having a hard time getting used to his new appearance. After six years, his dark brown eyes (which gave him a very unusual look) have turned to light green (like most cats). I’ve been in feral cat rescue for 35 years, and that’s the first time I’ve ever seen a mature cat’s eyes change color so drastically. But then he’s the only orange tabby I’ve had for 6 years, too. Maybe this is common with mature orange kitties. Who knows? Not me. But no matter what, he’s a gorgeous, sweet boy. Yes, he is!!

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HAPPY OSTARA!!!! The day lilies are coming up in the lily garden. Spring is definitely here in South Carolina. Woot!!!!

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“Cats, Daffodils & Dragonflies: Mystical Nature Poems” by Laura Stamps

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(What a beautiful pent bottle!! Perfect for the coming Ostara Sabbat. Very Fey. Weeeeeeeeee! ~twirling, twirling~ So Mote it Be!)

(What a beautiful pent bottle!! Perfect for the coming Ostara Sabbat. Very Fey. Weeeeeeeeee! ~twirling, twirling~ So Mote it Be!)

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The New Chapbook is Finished!!!

It’s done. Woot!! I finished it on Saturday night, and it’s ready to mail (starting today) to literary contests and publishers. 25 pages (20 pages of long fictional prose poems) over 4000 words.

I actually finished it a week early. Turns out when I arranged all the poems in order and put them in proper manuscript format they flowed really well. Only minor tweaking needed.

I’ve gotta say I’m sooooooo pleased with it. I am!! This chap turned out exactly as I had envisioned it. I’ve been working on it since the first week of January, so most of the poems have already appeared in literary journals or are forthcoming. Another plus.

Yeah, life is good! Very. Very. Good.

Laura Stamps

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Happy Storm Moon Esbat from Pea Pod and Gardenia!!! In celebration of this Esbat it is raining all day today in Columbia, South Carolina. You can tell by the expression on their faces they’re not terribly thrilled about this. But what can you do? Well, if you’re a cat, you can nap all day. Good strategy!!

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More Good News!!

My fictional prose poem “Truth-Telling” has been accepted for publication by the online literary magazine, “Cavalcade of Stars.” It will appear in the April issue. Alrightyyyy!

The cool thing about this poem is it was really tricky to write. It’s the last poem in this new book, which I plan to enter in chapbook competitions next month. That’s because it’s a very emotional poem and has to tie all the other poems in the book together at the end.

I finished it on Tuesday afternoon, sent it to several literary journals, and it was accepted 7 hours later. Wow. That was fast! But a very good sign. It let’s me know I’m on the right track with this one. Whew!

And that’s why I’ve been scarce at Tumblr lately. I’m working day and night to finish up this new competition manuscript. If all goes well it will be a done deal by the end of next week. ~fingers crossed~

Love you all dearly!!

Laura Stamps